You don't have to choose between being gentle or being fierce.
Both exist in nature and both exist in you.

Are you ready for it…

Are you ready to live your life Fierce? To pursue the things you want, in the way you want and be the person that you want to be? Or are you held back by social stigma, expectations and other barriers?

Living a Fierce Lifestyle is about feeling Fierce, feeling good about yourself, your (play)partner and your attitude towards others… Because when you live this lifestyle you’ll feel strong, empowered and Fierce.

The world of kink, sex, raves and parties sometimes feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland. There is so much to explore, where can you start exploring this exciting world? On top of that there can be other barriers, like: social stigma, lack of knowledge and difficulty finding or getting to know other like-minded people.

Fierce Lifestyle is here to facilitate everything you need when you want to live Fierce! We encourage people to find out what it is they like and challenge them to let go of social stigma. We are a platform for everyone who wants to broaden their knowledge and skills in play and sexuality. Through workshops and events we bring together like-minded people and teach each other things that can’t be learned alone, things that are more fun to experiment with together!

By living Fierce we reduce fear of social stigma. Because common sense is not that common. Those who act differently are often misunderstood and judged to a point of being socially excluded. We are the weird kid in class. But we speak up. Instead of shying away, we push ourselves lovingly to celebrate and expand our own weirdness. That’s why we promote living Fierce. This means that we passionately follow and communicate our heart’s desires. Being honest about what makes us vulnerable and actively sharing our skills and joys.

What do we do?


BDSM, communication and consent, Shibari rope art


We make, sell and rent custom kink furniture and elements from recycled scaffolding


We rent out a Sybian and
the Jackhammer


We make and sell kink accessories from recycled materials

Contact us

For more information regarding the bdsm-furniture or quotes on pricing for our services for your event please send us a PM here or send an e-mail with your question or request to