About us

You don't have to choose between being gentle or being fierce. Both exist in nature and both exist in you.

What is Fierce Lifestyle?

Fierce Lifestyle is actually not just one person or one organisation. Fierce Lifestyle is a platform for experts in and around the field of spirituality, sensuality, sexuality and last but definitely not least BDSM. Professionals that we know to be capable, friendly and qualified, can use this platform to offer their services, products and knowhow.

But we are much more than just this platform. We are a small but quickly growing community that share norms and values as well as interests, ideas and aspirations. We strive to create empathy for sexual and spiritual development instead of the social stigma that is now linked to speaking openly about sexual preferences and desires.

We help each other grow and we’ve got each other’s backs, so that we can watch each other succeed and flourish in both spiritual and sexual development. We want this solid support for everyone who joins the Fierce Platform so we can help change the field of sexuality and sensuality into a safe and warm environment.

Who is Fierce Lifestyle?

Fierce Lifestyle is an ever growing network of friends and professionals in the field who have known each other for years. We all come from different backgrounds and different scenes and have been active in our fields of expertise for a long period of time. Together we started Fierce Lifestyle to create one platform for all of us. The Fierce Lifestyle network includes party hosts, club owners, life style coaches and trainers, models, photographers, entertainers & performers, sexologists & researchers from various scenes. We are ravers, BDSMers, fetishists, polyamorists, sensualists and more.